Bubble Tea time anyone?

So what is shaved snow? 

We like to describe shaved snow as like eating freshly fallen fluffy snow.  The flavor is infused into a frozen ice block and then shaved with a special machine to produce our fine, fluffy, delicious snow.  All our flavors are made with natural ingredients, are gluten free and nut free.  The texture is light and smooth.  It has much lower calories and sugar than ice cream.  It is more flavorful than yogurt.  So shaved snow is like taking the best part of ice cream and yogurt and bringing it to our customers to enjoy.


We are located at the Sharon Heights Shopping Plaza on South Main Street in the friendly, family-oriented town of Sharon, MA

Our delicious flavors include: Coconut, Coffee, Black Sesame, Green Tea, Mango, Peppermint Chocolate, Pina Colada, Strawberry, Taro, Tiramisu, Traditional, and Vanilla Bean.

Not your average Waffles...

Welcome to Snowflakes Shavery!

Our Snowflakes waffles are not your standard waffles.  They are a little crispy, a little chewy, and a whole lot of delicious.  Check out our Snowflakes Special that combines our waffle with our Shaved Snow for an awesome pairing.

Bubble tea is a tea based drink that is served cold. It's not like the old stodgy way of drinking tea. Bubble tea is cool and fun. You can pick different fruity flavors for your tea or add different bubbles or jellies in the drink. Then simply take a big straw and enjoy.

We offer a wide choice of flavors for your favorite bubble tea.  Whether you prefer a more traditional flavor like Original Milk Tea with tapioca boba pearl, or our staff crafted Thai-chee special with the lychee boba pop, we'll do our best to satisfy your bubble tea fix. 

Come by for a visit and check out all the options to customize your bubble tea drink the way you like it.  There's no such thing as a bad combination.  Experimentation leads to new discoveries.